Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trying to Catch up....but going backwards

This yarn came in the other day: It is the Tofutsis from SWTC. It is one of the yarns for the sock club at yarnmarket. They are supposed to be special limited edition colors and there will be a pattern for each color. It is absolutely gorgeous, and since I love this yarn, it's going to be nice to get a skein in every 2 months. Should give me plenty of time to keep up with the pattern. I am "chomping" at the bit right now to start this sock, but have to wait. Have 2 pairs going and I don't want to get stressed out!

This is the sweater I am working on for me. I started it last week, but I'm a little concerned as I only have 7 skeins and only have this much done with one skein. I am going to go ahead and continue knitting and see what I use up on one side. That should give me an idea on whether I will have enough to finish. I stopped by the LYS and they don't have any more in this color. She can order it, but then I might have a dye-lot problem. Wish me luck!

This is one of the 2 pairs of socks I am working on. It is the new Opal in the Tiger color. It is very pretty and so far working up pretty nice. I have actually finished this sock and working on the 2nd since I took this picture. I did the heel in short-row double wrapped and I like that very much.

And this is the other sock I am working on. It is being done in yellow Wildfoot on size 2 needles. Can't say I like the pattern too much as it has plenty of k2tog and yarns overs, so my fingers are sore. Taking this pair very slow and giving my fingers a break after every 10 rows! :)
Now, I just have to start on all the swaps I am doing. Let's see, I have a knitted felted bag to do, a dishcloth but have to wait for the tag box to come in to start, a pair of monkey socks, ummm.....going to have to review my list I think. I'm in 5 swaps and that's only 3. But I have all requirements printed off, so I just have to clean out my knitting bag, and I'm sure the other 2 will show up!
Happy knitting All!

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Betty said...

What pattern are you using for your Tiger socks - they are really nice.