Saturday, November 29, 2008

Three hats I knitted for a charity. This is a nice pattern but it originally called for 90 sts on size 7 needles. I found this made a hat way too I cut the pattern down to 72 stitches. You start with a provisional cast on - knit 10 rows, purl 1 row and then knit 10 rows. On the 22nd row, combine the provisional cast on with your life stitches and off you go to the basic hat.

Tried a new memory box but I'm thinking they are going to be too small for storing much stuff in it. This box only fits the little gown and the bracelet in side. May have to rethink this size, but when I went to Michaels, they didn't have a big selection of sizes and I like using the wooden boxes.

These baby layettes went to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation OB unit. I can't take the credit for all of it as it was a combined effort between myself and another woman. She made the sweater/hats sets and I made the blankets. Then I found little socks and mittens that would go great with them, so I ended up buying these instead of knitting them.

Scarf for the special olympics project. I also have another one done and my goal was to complete 2 of the scarves to send off. I am also hosting a challenge for the yahoo group I am on, so expecting quite a few scarves in to mail off.

I've been playing around with making some ornaments for the tree, and this is what I have completed so far. I actually have more than this done, but Austin is sleeping in my sewing room, so will have to wait to take pictures. I love the gingerbread figures!

I haven't made wheat rolls in over 20 years. This recipe was simple to make, but note to self, don't roll out so thin next time. I'm hoping to make them again next week.

Austin looks like he is getting ready to go hunting. But he's over 19 lbs now and has 1 tooth and another on the way. Boy is he cranky with the teeth coming in. Lord, help, if he touches the bottom of his gums....Ouch, my ears with the yelling!

Happy Knitting All!