Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I figured I could finally show what I have been working on. This is the winter set I made for my daughter. It includes a cable hat, matching handbag, multi-colored scarf and little slippers. I love how it came out and I had to design the bag and scarf to match the hat, so I think it came out pretty good for no pattern! :)

These are regular watch-cap hats. The 2 navy blue ones are for son and s-i-l. The black one is for hubby. I love the band around the bottom of the hat so there is no-rollup. I also changed the hat to a small decrease to make the crown rounder instead of "puckery". The decrease I used made an actual crown to the hat.

The gray hat is for my brother. It's thick and very warm, so when he is out working in the shop, his head should stay warm! I hope he wears it, and that is an "iffy" thing, but it made me feel good to make him something that hopefully he will like.

Well, that's my Christmas knitting. Can't say I am too happy that's all I got done, I still have a sister that I didn't finish her felted bag. Figured I would wrap up the yarn and the pattern and tell her I owed her one! I think she will wait, if now, well then........

Merry Christmas All! I hope you have a very happy one!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cocoa Swap - Spread the Word

Wahooo...another swap! Just love them. Here's one to beat the winter blues : Cocoa Swap. Now just imagine being the middle of winter, after chrismas and still quite a while before spring and you get a package made up of things that make you happy and some gourmet Hot Chocolate beside.

Follow the link, post on your blog, leave a comment saying I sent ya....Would appreciate it!

Required Elements:*

A blog of your own*Post weekly*
Secret/Anonymous email address*
Gourmet Hot Cocoa*
A yummy treat that your pal says is a mood booster*
Enough yarn for a project. Here's where the mood-booster comes into play: You need to send yarn in a colour that your pal says makes them happy, for a project they are really going to enjoy. Remember: we want to make them feel really good. If their idea of feel good is sock yarn in dizzying neon shades, then send that.
*Stitch markers designed to cheer.*
(and this is our favourite) A Winter Blah Buster Buddy. This could be a knit or crochet stuffed creature that you make to chase away your pals blahs. The sidebar has links to free and fairly cheap patterns if you need inspiration, and feel free to get really creative and design your own. The point is to make something that will definiately put a smile on your pal's face.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well I tried Enterlac. In the dishcloth size, I have to say I do like it, but, I've been looking at vests, sweaters, and handbags. I'm not too sure about that! The hardest part was remember where you left off and to always make sure you finished that row. Went to bed one night at the top of it and got up the next morning and oops had to take out some stitches. Was going the wrong way!

This is the short-row pinwheel. This goes real fast and faster than the 4corner dishcloth. Both are gorgeous thou and favorites of mine to do for gifts.

Seattle Seahawks colorway that I picked up when I was in Seattle. The socks are pretty, but I am really disappointed that they ended up varigated instead of the pattern. The pattern sample I saw was nothing like how these came out. I lost the tag for the yarn, so I can't tell you what it was, but it was hand-dyed.

Overall, I've been busy, but just don't have the pictures done of how busy! I've started and stopped a few projects, can't really decide what to do next for my big project. I keep looking at my stash, taking out, putting up, etc. Maybe I just need a break. Not sure, so right now I am working at 2 pairs of socks. One pair is for the Vintage Sock Swap and the other pair is red/white/blue self-striping. Since I am on the foot of the first sock for the red/white/blue, I still haven't decided if they are for me or for hubby! Will know more when I get closer to the toe. Do I stop and make them for me or continue for a couple of more inches for hubby? Hmmm....actually he has 4 pairs more than me. That should be my decision right? LOL

Happy knitting