Sunday, June 17, 2007

Different sizing of yarn needles

The Monkeys were bad and the needles were worse!

No you are not seeing a bad image. The socks are different sizes! The top was done with Addi #2 and the bottom was done with Hiya #2

There I was knitting away and trying to finish the socks for the Monkey Sock Swap. I never measured the socks against each other since I was doing pattern repeats. I get done, graft the toes and UH OH! Major problem! Significant difference in socks! I almost cried! I thought I must have mixed up the #2's and #3's in their package. But nope, 2 sets of #3's were in their package!

I then got out the needle gage and lo and behold......#2 Addies measure 3mm....which is between a #2 and #3 and the Hiya's measure 2.75mm. This is a signicant difference in the smaller size needles.

So, I ask myself: "How come I never noticed this before?" and then it dawns on me. I've only used the number #2's for hubbie's socks and I do it by measurement. 68 stitches of 2x2 ribbing for 6-1/2 inches, the heel, and then stockenette for a total of 14" in length and then the toe start.

Now don't laugh (which I know you will!), but this now all makes sense to me when hubby said one of the socks feels tighter than the other! Duh! It would!

So, how do the solve the problem with my monkey socks? The only way I could, I went to my LYS, got another skein of yarn, started another sock, emailed the swap hostess and my partner and say! "I have a problem! The socks don't match!" So I'm late for mailing my package, but am making good time on the second (or would you call it the third) sock and should have them finished, washed and blocked sometime today!

So excuse me all as I go back to knitting this sock so it can be mailed, hopefully tomorrow! :)

The yarns I bought while on vacation!

One skein of Lana Grossa Stretch Cotton and 2 skeins of DG Confetti Cotton were purchased from the Bee Hive in Victoria, B.C.
One skein of Opal Cotton and 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton were purchased from The Yarn Garden in Gig Harbor, Washington
Four skeins of Wildfoot in two different colors, one skein of Caryn's Creations (done in Seattle Seahawk colors - Hubby will love these come fall!) and 2 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classics (for some very nice dishcloths for me!) were purchased from So Much Yarn, in Seattle, Washington.

Of course, Hubby thinks I am nuts for wanting to go to yarn stores on vacation, but he was a trooper and hunted them down and looked interested in the stores! I think it was a great yarn vacation and only had wished I had room in my luggage to have brought home more yarns!

Seattle, Victoria B.C. and Tacoma

Pike's Place Market at the Waterfront in Seattle
The Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. - It was beautiful!
The view from our room at the Empress (I didn't want to leave!)
Well, the Moose was just sitting there, so I sat on his lap!
One of my socks in progress with an ocean view behind me!