Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Projects and others

Finished 3 stockings yesterday and actually a 4th one, but going to do that one over, as I chose red lettering and my son's name does not stand out at all. Oh well, live and learn. LOL

The spiderman round ripple is for Austin. Thought this was totally appropriate for him, but know it will probably be a couple of years before he even knows what it is. :)

Also did a stuffed elmo toy and embroidered Austin's name and an elmo on a blue bag for him. The bag is filled with elmo books and the toy so he can keep his elmo stuff together. :)

This comfortghan went to an alzeimer's unit for one of their residents. Now I think I am done with committments this year. LOL Probably not, but hey, I can dream sometimes. :)

Oh boy, what a mess Austin is. Of course, this time it's not my fault as poppy gave him a biter bisquit to make a mess with!

Happy Holidays All!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Almost the end of 2008 charity projects

Months ago, I joined a yahoo crocheting group. In the process of that, this is where most of my "charity" work began. A woman in the group, Sissie, had a personal goal of 100 afghans to be given to the senior center in her town as Christmas presents during their Christmas Party in December. From this idea, she received afghans and squares from all over the United States to help her reach her goal. I had already made one afghan (See this post as a reminder. :) ) These are the last 3 that I completed this week and they are on their way to her as I write. She has another goal for next year to help the VJGC with 100 afghans for the kids. You can see all the afghans put together, crocheted, etc from last year and read about her goal for next year:
Sissie's Blog. I had an opportunity to meet her in person last May when we went to R.I. on vacation. We were driving within a couple of miles of her home and I'll called her. She met us off the highway so we could meet. Since we were pulling the Travel Trailer behind us, it was better to meet her on the side of the road! She's a trip and a lovely person also.
Scarves for the Special Olympics Scarf Project. No I didn't crochet all of these, but I did do 2! I hosted a challenge on the yahoo group I am in and received 24 scarves. Wahooo! This is will towards their goal of 5000 scarves. I really appreciate all the help I received and have to say DebbieC, you ROCK! She did 13 scarves. How cool is that?

Ahhhh the memories and sweetness of a small child! Austin looks so much like my daughter in this picture, I may have to go digging up a few pictures of her when she was little to compare!
Happy Knitting