Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finished baby sweater set!

Finished the baby set. It includes the sweater, hat, socks/booties and a knit burp cloth. The cloth has a stork on it! It is way too cute! Now, I just have to wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl so I can add details, like pink or blue buttons!

This is a comparison of the 2 sweaters together. The little one is the first one I knit, but I think it is way too small, so I did the next one 2 sizes up from it. All of this is done in Dreambaby DK which is so soft and so nice to knit with. I hope the baby is happy and nice and warm.

I also did a dishcloth this week in Red White and Blue. Of course it is in the DW pattern as I love the way it works. The yarn is one I have never seen before as my LYS just got it in. It's more expensive than SnC or PnC as it is $2.75 a skein and only makes the one cloth. I did it on size 7 needles. The yarn is called: SRK coolspun cotton and only has 73 yards to the skein. I'm going to see how it lasts and holds up over time. I'm hoping the colors won't run as PnC has a tendency to do in the bright colors.

And I finally finished a pair of socks for hubby this weekend. I've only been working on them for oh about 2 months now. The baby through me for a loop and I was working on getting some stuff done ahead of time. Hubby has already worn them so sorry about the bad picture. He loves getting new socks and takes them to wear the next day before I have time to take pics, wash and block! LOL Gotta love him!

I'm also working on a new sweater for me and I am still working on the surprise baby blanket. I'm about 2/3 done with the blanket, so I'm hoping to have pictures soon. Well, at least in process as again for the final work, I have to know if baby is boy or girl. I think I am driving daughter nuts about that!

Happy knitting all!

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Pennie said...

very cute :) lucky baby

Just surfing - I'm in the fall felted bag exchange and I'm surfing all the participants :) Have a great day