Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I got a little lost......

A couple of dishcloths and a scrubbie. But mostly because I was working on a felted bag....okay....3 of them!

This is the size of the bag before felting. It is crocheted and takes hardly any time at all. I have to say crochet is faster, but not as pretty as knitting.

Two bags done after felting. I like the one in the back better, although you can still see some stitch definition. The one in the front is fully felted, but so tiny. Not a good picture to show the difference in size, but there is a big difference in size. I'm thinking that the unfelted one above, will only be partially felted and not fully felted.

Monkey socks.....I'm in Monkey Socks Swap 4 and this is how far I have gotten on this pair. This is the first time I have used cherry tree hill sock yarn. Overall, it is a very nice yarn and the sheen of the yarn is very pretty. I don't think this is a yarn I will be buying in multitude though. Too me, it is just a nice knit.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Jacket and swap

Started working on the carolyn jacket. It is a combination project where the jacket is already made and you add knitted sleeves and sides. I have one side one and have started working on the other side.

Thank you Tammy for the wonderful package for the Big Bag Knitalong and swap. I was hoping when I saw the picture for the red-white-blue bag that it was for me. she also include wildfoote sock yarn on a spool (didn't know it came that way), dunkin donuts coffee (my favorite) a little pouch she made (it's too cute), journal, notebook, etc. some chocolates and the best part of the package besides the bag is the PIEBIRD! Look in the middle of the picture and you will see the piebird. He has already been added to my collection in the kitchen! Thanks So much Tammy!

An update on Austin. He's growing! :) That makes us so happy to see him gain weight and he has a wonderful personality!

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Questions on my likes

I received a question from my anonymous swap pal about my pie birds. The pictures of the piebirds can be found here. It was way way back in one of my earlier posts! :) Some of my favorites are the first picture, center piebird. My best friend picked this up at at yard sale for 25 cents and it is the speckled piebird. It was used by another family for years as you can see the patina coloring on the inside. How cool is that? The one in the box on the top left, is the one I use when making chicken pot pie.

Gardening....hmmm...I have 11 beds. Not all are finished yet as some winters are harder than others and I lose some of my plants over the winter, so sometimes I just have to wait and see what comes up in the spring. I've slowly started uncovering them and will probably finish this weekend if it stops raining long enough! I prefer Perennials over annuals and love plants that just keep reseeding themselves.

Happy Knitting!