Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What a great weekend

Hubby and I took the RV to the casinos over the weekend. This was our first trip with it as it is about 60 minutes from home and we wanted to make sure we could hook it up, we had everything we needed and if we ran into problems we were close enough to home to get help! LOL. We had a great time and everything went smoothly....except.....we need a check list BEFORE we take off. Left the house and turned the corner, the door swung open and the stairs were still down.....We had to stop to fix that. Other than that small problem, it went really smoothly.

Going to be in the Monkey Swap 3, so I'm pretty excited about that. Maybe this time, I can remember to check that ALL needles are the same size!

Also doing the Secret Pal 11, which I have never done any of them before, so I am "racking" my brains on doing it well!

And the Dish Rag Tag, which I think will be pretty fun. Dish cloths only take about 1-2 hours to do, so the purpose is to get your box in, knit a dishcloth and get the box mailed right back out either that day or the next day! There can be no cheating, so hopefully, everyone waits to knit their cloth with a skein from the box....then rebox in the SAME box, mail and get it done!

On the knitting front:

This is the cloth I did for my Swap Partner for this quarter's swap. Hopefully, she doesn't check my blog until after she has received the box. Hope she likes it. I loved the color and it is S&C beach ball blue.

I also did an extra one just in case I need to be an angel. I didn't have enough of the varigated yarn but I had a little blue left from another cloth and they matched in color, so I think it came out pretty. I asked hubby if he thought it looked like I ran out of yarn and he said he thought that was the design of it.....so I guess it worked! LOL

Other than that, I am still working on the "secret" baby blanket and hopefully soon I can post pictures, but it probably won't be for a couple of months, as I have to wait to find out if I am getting a granddaughter or grandson. So far I am pleased with how the color scheme is coming out and have the blanks ready to fill in with pink or blue. Are you wondering what I am working on? Is the suspense getting to you? LOL

Happy Knitting!

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TeaMouse said...

I love those little keychain dishcloths, how do you do them?