Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boy, I've been busy!

Big Bag KnitAlong&Swap This is the bag pre-felted, made with Galway

And after felting. This is the first felt project that has come out. The first 2 projects I made, did not look at all like they were supposed to and I ended up throwing them away. :(

Remember this: Well it is no more......I accidentally felted it. Now it is no good. :( I have no idea how it happened. I hand-washed in cold water (like normal) and when I went to get it out, it looked funny. Yup, it felted. Yarn was Lang Breeze (discontinued) and composition was 68% wool and 32% nylon. Any ideas?

And these are finally done! Hubby gets a new pair of socks but boy did they take a longgggg time to knit. I think it was the color, I found them boring!

I want to thank Sarah for the beautiful box she sent to me for the Longing for Spring Swap! It was filled with gorgeous goodies. The lorna laces sock yarn, the journal, the Chocolate, the stitch markers with little garden items at the bottom, and on and on! Thank you so much Sarah!


Alison said...

Oh no, your sweater! :(. That's awful! Hand wash in cold water, what else can you do?? Well, now that it's felted, you could cut it up and make toys or something... :(

But your bag is lovely - congrats on your first felting success! I hate to say it, but maybe it was a case of an eye for an eye...?

sweettea said...

great little bag. Ive been doing a piece to be felted the past 2 days. its a polygon shape and once felted Im going to make it into a pillow. wish me luck!

sweettea said...

well, I didnt do a pattern for my bag. its 4 granny squares surrounded by 10 and then with 2 more on each end, kind of like a rectangle with tabs -- then I folded it up like a box top and crochetted around the top a few rounds til it was big enough and then crochetted the handle on. waa laa!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, pretty!! YOUR bag is finished, and all the prezzies are ready to be wrapped, but I'm knitting one more giftie that I really want to include! Can you guess what you're getting??