Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just Knitting happily away----and sewing!

I'm at the toe of hubby's first sock. The pattern is from the Vintage sock book by Nancy Bush. The yarn is Jawoll Cotton, which I love.

Ifinished the socks for my swap partner for the Vintage Sock Swap. They have now been washed, blocked and dried. I had to try them on before this. I love love love them......I hope she does also. The box is ready to mail in the morning and I think I have put together some great things for her. She is also getting the cat project bag below. I think together, the whole box is great!

3 more bags completed. The left one is going to one of my dishcloth swaps for the New Year Swap on Ravelry. The cat one to my Vintage sock swap partner and the blue one with hearts is for the Boo-Ty Swap partner that was left out. I am playing angel for her so did the bag, a skein of Vesper's handdyed sock yarn and a few other small things!

Finally done with one of the socks of red/white/blue. I didn't think I would ever get done with this sock. Now I have to start the second one. This has been a very long project. Almost as long as the Seahawks socks!

Happy Knitting all!


Knitting Mama said...

Oh of course I know you didn't flake on me! You're my angel and I thank you soooo very much!!!

Gina said...

The bags are fab! I especially love the cat one! (Of course) :-)