Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekly Topics

Fall Felted Bag Exchange:

How often do you change the purse or bag you're carrying? Do you change based on seasons? Outfits? Something else? What's your favorite bag in the world (and it doesn't have to be a knit/felted one!)?

I'm really bad about NOT changing my purse until I absolutely have to. The bag I currently use is one I picked up at Wal-Mart but I love it. It has a back pocket for CC's, checkbook, $$, etc. A large open section for the miscellaneous junk. LOL and 2 front pockets that hold my business cards and 2 cell phones! :)

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Miss Me said...

just popped over from ffbe - i saw the "bmw2004" in your name had to come by! mr. me is a beemer guy. i call his car "princess". and yes - they are pretty! ; )