Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Autumn Dishcloth Exchange Topic!

So for the Topic of the week:Either flash your needles and other items you use to make your wares or, if you don't have a camera, describe your goods for us in detail. Dpns, circs, straights, hooks, tape measures, darning needles, favorite stitch markers, needle holders, cases, the works!

This is my notions, etc. bag. I picked it up for $3.99 at Office Depot. It is actually a school bag, but it contains everything I have ever needed for knitting. There is a place in the front for the cable holder too. In the 3rd picture, you can see everything that is in it. If there is something else I need, I haven't found it yet. So comments on what I am missing would be appreciated! :)
There is stitch markers, stitch holders, crochet needles, sewing needles, scissors, tape measure, Gauger, pencils, pens, etc.! :)

Happy Knitting all!

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Dorothy said...

I have a little bag like that too - I too it from my mom, and I love it!