Friday, October 19, 2007

Sock Wars II and F.O.

Sock War II----That was fun. These are the socks I made in ONE weekend. I had to let the house go, no cooking, only knitting. Whew! It was rough but I did it. Unfortunately, I ended up dying by Tuesday afternoon.

Yup, these are the socks I got on Tuesday afternoon, Express Mail. They put me out of the wars right away! They are gorgeous and fit like a glove. I'm very impressed!
Finished the socks for hubby. They fit kind of "loose" on him so I'm not sure what happened. This was a new yarn for me, it is very soft, etc. (see earlier post on yarn) but for some reason, the heel is loose and the socks are a smidge too long. I've washed them and they are hanging to dry. I'm hoping it is just a finished object stitch thingy and now that they are washed the stitches firmed up some. Remember I told you he wears them the next day and doesn't give me time to wash them! LOL

Let' see....I'm almost done with the second bag to be felted so I'm hoping to felt early next week so I can get one of the last 2 swaps out. We are on vacation starting at oh 4pm today (I'm hoping!) and will not be back until Tuesday. Then home for 2 days and then at the races! I love May and October as those are our scheduled 2 weeks off.

Today is the Day! Daughter goes for baby sex ultrasound. Will try to post a short post this afternoon on what she is having! I didn't think I would be this excited but I am sooooo psyched! I have so many projects planned for the baby, but most are waiting to find out if we can whether it is a boy or girl! Wish her luck that the baby is facing the right way and the parts are there or not! LOL

Happy Knitting All!

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Dorothy said...

Well, if you have to be killed off, it's not a bad way to go.