Monday, April 30, 2007

Going Nowhere Fast?

I think I have too many projects going at one time. I feel like I am going no where fast. Actually I've done a lot of knitting, but only have one finished object. Daughter went to Hobby Lobby and I asked her to get me some S&C, blue, green, and yellow. Of course, she brought home an extra skein. She got herself a skein of pink new twists. Hmmm....I think.... is she going to knit or crochet...Nope, it was Mom, please another dish cloth. She hasn't even used the ones I have knit for her. She calls them her "pretties". So in a couple of hours I finished a seed stitch window cloth.

In the mean time, I've started more socks:

Regular 2x2 ribbing with short row heel. Using Trampoline Stretch by Skacel. It looks like tiger-eyes and hubby is going to love these socks

Then I am on the foot part of this sock. It is made with 1x1 ribbing and then the columbine pattern repeat. Pattern is from Socks soar on 2 circular needles. The yarn is one of my favorites of SWTC Tofutsies (commonly called the "shrimp yarn")

And another cable sweater:

I also started another cable sweater for my daughter. This is the back of it. I am using Kosmos with a Queensland Collection Soft Comfort Mohair. It is so soft and nice. I think she will enjoy wearing it. I just have to make it longer than mine as I like waste-length and she likes hip length.

Ahhh this is just for me:

Sample Stitch Kimono

This is strip one of the sample stitch kimono. I am really behind on this one. The KAL started in January and you get 2-3 stitches a month to choose from. It is going to be beautiful when it is done, but I had decided just to do my swatches for a couple of months before I decided what stitches to use in the sweater. There are 12 months to the KAL and 12 stitches are used in the pattern. Therefore you get about 24-36 stitches for the year and you use 12 of them It's a cool idea and thank Gwen for producing it for us. I am using Louise Harding Kashmir DK for mine. It's a rosy-lavender color. Due to the patterns, the swatches appear to be very important as I am using size 7, 8, and 9's for my gauges. I don't understand that exactly but I think it has to do with the stitches used and the sequence.

Hmmm....I think that is it, but it's enough for me. Happy knitting all.


Lovs2Knit said...

Oh boy do you have a lot of Normally I do too. :~)

Covered In Yarn said...

You have a general color theme going on...except for the animal print that is...very fun yarn!