Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time Goes By!

Trying to go through pictures a month or two or more after you've done something is hard. These pictures were in my May folder so I do know I did them then. There were more pictures of baby gowns, wraps, memory boxes etc., but figured I would just show so of the more personal ones or RAOK items I did during the month.

Just some ordinary dishcloths and potholders, but they are easy to do and come in very handy.

This is going to be a sibling support bag. Basically, it is a bag that you give a child who's had a trauma of some kind and it will include a small blanket and the game of tic-tac-toe. It will either go to one of the community services (fire/police) or to a hospital. Not sure yet as I am also working on 5 more of them, so it will be a nice donation.

Some more jumpers for Austin. These are fun to make and only take about an hour or so once you have all the pieces washed and cut out. In the picture on the left, the light color one was a bought one that my daughter really likes so I had to try to do a rendition of it for her. Don't you just love your kids requests!

Don't ask me, I've started working on the little Amigurumi critters and this is a bee. The pattern was free off the red heart site, but I made him out of cotton classic. Like the feel of that yarn better.

Donations to a crisis center in Missouri. These all worked up pretty fast, so I may try to do some more of them.

A hat and scarf for a woman that worked with my hubby. She's being transferred to New Jersey/New York, so I knit up the entrelac scarf and hat out of Plymouth encore. Since she's only 22, I figured it better be machine wash/dry for easy care!

Austin Helping Poppy work on the lawn mower. Doesn't he look/act like he knows what he's doing? Not bad for a 16-month old! :) Happy Knitting All!


Lovs2Knit said...

You've been super busy! We had a brief visit at Mt Rushmore about 10 years ago. I'd love to go back for a longer visit and do some more exploring.
Austin is growing up so fast.

HAINAngel2000 said...

HOLY SMOKES!! Cindy you have been one busy girl! Love the pictures!!!