Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time Goes By - Part II

South Dakota Trip - Okay I have over 300 pictures and that is too many to load. South Dakota ROCKED! Mount Rushmore is gorgeous and the work involved in sculpting this is massive.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is really very nice. There is still alot more to do, as it will show him on a horse. It started to rain not long after we got there so we had to do this memorial pretty fast. It is an impressive site

This place was unbelieveable. The woodcarving went from caricatures, to statues, to wild animals to moving parts and puppets!

Where the deer and the buffalo roam! Wow, these animals are huge and they just walk around on the state park. It was a little scary when you think how close you are to them!

Another amigurumi got done. I love this one.

Did manage to finish a pair of socks on the trip for hubby. Of course the yarn is STILL Brown sheep wildfoote, which is the only sock yarn he really likes!

Worked on a comfortghan for a friend in Nebraska. Everyone sent me squares for her and I put the border on them, then sewed and put the border on the whole think. There were 25 squares so it's a little over 5 foot square. Hubby laid the squares out for me - color wise. He's so good at that.

And where would my week/month be if I didn't make more dishcloths and potholders!

Austin sitting on the step to the treadmill. This is in hubby's office so he is supervised when he is in there for sure. He likes playing with the tigger slippers.
Happy knitting All!


Liana said...

Great pics of SD and wouldn't mind seeing more. DH and I are planning a trip to SD sometime next year, no firm plans yet. Love all your crafty goodies too.

sissie said...

love the pic of your trip!! and of course you know how i feel about your crafting!