Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Goes By - Part III - All Caught Up!

This posting should pretty much bring me up to date. Of course, I really don't post pictures of work in process so I do have a few of them. Hopefully this month I will finish everything. At least that is my goal.
Truck Race - Memphis. Hubby did pretty good putting up everything. Of course, it was over 100 degrees so honestly we only spent maybe an hour and a half total in the tent. Otherwise, we were in the camper unless we were at the track.

For a friend who really like Harry Potter. With the new film coming out soon, I did the rendition of Hermoine's Hat in Half Blood prince and a couple of wash cloths. One cloth is called the golden snitch and the other is the Flying Keys
Finished this doily yesterday. I was a little disappointed in the finished size. My crocheting gauge must be off. The cloth only came out about 7-1/2" and it should have been 9-1/2". So going to use it as a large coaster for hubby right now. He likes it alot!
Finished an angel amigurumi and an angel ornament for a swap on yahoo. The swap is Christmas in July. I really need to order the actual amigurumi eyes with the safety backings. This time, I used 1/4" half-shank buttons in black to do the eyes. It came out okay, but it was hard to get the eyes to stay flat, so I still ended up glueing them down.

Austing getting ready to help water the plants. Ummmm...I think he ends up MORE wet than the flowers! Happy Knitting All!

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sissie said...

love all your work. and Austin is sure growing!!