Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Burial Gowns/Wraps done

Not sure where these are going yet, but this is part of what I managed to sew up last week. I still have a few more 95% done that just need the finishing details, lace, velcro, etc., but I got a little burnt-out on sewing so I'm fighting my natural procrastination to stop and leave them alone for awhile. I learned how to use the applique feature on my embroidery machine and that was fun. Not too impressed with cinderella as she is too big, and that's why I went with just the faces on the other 3 gowns.


sissie said...

I love these!! great work my dear!!
I like the last one the best:)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing. I had a still born daughter in 2009. I was given an angel wrap that was donated by someone in my hometown in AR. Until I had suffered my loss, I had never thought of a need for anything like this. I am so glad there are wonderful people like you that do. I am learning to knit and would love to return the favor to other mothers. Thank you for your loving gift. Mother of Isabel Grace born sleeping 4-18-2009