Monday, April 6, 2009

Small projects

Been on a small projects knitting binge the past week. I'm still working on 2 larger projects but not enough knitting done of them, so talk much about them. So here are the smaller projects:

Multidirectional Diagonal Dishcloths - Only change I made to this pattern was to add a sc border around the outside. I like how this "evens-out" the square.

Well, I can't seem to find the link for this potholder. It's crocheted and SOLID. It's a little fiddley when you start it, but I love this pattern as it is thick, solid, and really keeps the heat away.

The Double Woven Dishcloth - another favorite for using varigated yarns, easily memorized pattern and works up fast.

The Garterlac Dishcloth - I can't believe anyone does this pattern to make scarves, vests, sweaters, hats. I can get the dishcloth done, and I've done quite a few, but anything bigger.....I would definately stay as a WIP!

The Eloomanator's diagonal Knit Dishcloth. Another favorite and no I don't think the dark blue shows this pattern off to it's advantage. Again, the only thing different I do, is add a sc border to even out the square.

If you have never checked out this blog, you need to. Cathy has a ton of patterns she's designed and some wonderful cooking recipes also. These are the Plain Vanilla Coffee Sleeves. Changes? Hmmm....I did them flat by adding a stitch on each side and then sewing them up. I didn't feel like dealing with 2 circulars for such a small project, and since I don't use DPN's, and didn't have the sizes anyways, flat straights was the way for me to go. Pattern still worked out fine though. I also made them out of kitchen cotton instead of wool.

Austin loves being outside. Whether it's during the day or at dusk, he's an outside child for sure.

Happy Knitting!

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sissie said...

Ok I am impressed!! you some of the prettiest work i have seen! and you are so on a roll here. busy,busy,busy!
see who has time for work LOL