Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last Day at work! Wahooooo!!!!!

Well today was a sad and happy day. My job moved to Florida so today was my last day. I have a new job starting on June 4th so I am off-work until then. Am I happy? YES. Am I sad? YES. I will miss "most" of the people I work with and a few I could care less! LOL More time for knitting!

Well Hubby's socks are done, but I am off a stitch or two :( Makes them look like they don't match. The dye lot is the same, but the color pattern on the foot changed. This is the first time I have seen that so I am not happy, but hubby being hubby, loves them and will wear them. You can't ask for much for much more than that! LOL

Ahhhhh my sweater top. LOL. I am at the sleeve pattern on new yarn and new pattern. I finished the 11" on Saturday at 5:30pm, but had to wait until Monday. I have never done a "knit cast-on" and got stuck! :( Not good. Turns out it was very easy!

Happy Knitting!

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