Saturday, January 10, 2009

Most Cherished Christmas Present

I was sitting outside after Thanksgiving but way before Christmas when I looked over at the wood pile and what do I spy....A Pecan Log that had a perfect heart in the middle of the log.....I called hubby outside and said...look at that log. I've never seen anything like it. I asked hubby for a slice of it, finished, for a cutting board or something. Of course, he thought it was really neat, but that I was a little crazy! Instead of a cutting board, I got a piece of "ART". Hubby sanded, and polished, and mineral oiled, and sanded, and polished, and for Christmas I got this! It truly is a piece of Art. I have it standing in the book case right now, until I find a perfect place to hang it. God is wonderful and amazing and this piece of wood makes you wonder, how did a heart grow in the middle of that branch?
Happy Knitting all. By the way, I finished the sweater for Austin, but NOW Bina wants a matching hat, so hopefully I can finish and post pictures tomorrow of the sweater set. It is gorgeous! :)


sissie said...

This is so amazing!! it is amazing how god works isn't it? now after hubby cut it off is it still a heart on the other piece? how amazing that you were sitting there in hust the right place to see it:)


HAINAngel2000 said...

At least I do not feel so alone. I am the same way with wood. My mom wood burns and all I can see if beautiful pictures. God is awesome. When I look around I def see the hand of God.