Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Full Schedule but alot done!

The 3 bib set I did for a swap on ravelry

I really do like the white one. That yarn is the New Hobby Lobby I love this cotton. Dream to work with.

The green/blue varigated is Cotton Tots and the varigated with whie is Sugar n Cream

Still Hosting bears for the Traveling Teddy. This time I had two of them in and had a blast. You could pose them so they had a playmate. This was when we first got to the lake and they "watched" us set up the site. I love our new much more room. :)

This was a set I sent off to a family who lost their baby at 18 weeks gestation. This project gives me a lot of satisfaction in my life so I will most probably continue with the burial gowns/blankets for babies who have gone on.

Did a Dishcloth swap and my theme was similar but differant. The ballband cloth and the circle cloth are similar in technique but different in results. I love the circle cloth.

This is the last pair of socks I did for a swap. I have really backed off on swaps over the past few months so only have what I call small ones now, like bibs, cloths, etc.

Purple slippers anyone? Not my cup of tea, but this was what someone really wanted. I don't know if I'll ever do another pair of these, but they were fast and pretty easy. Maybe to me they would look better in a different color? Don't know as purple is not my color of choice. LOL

My first 12-point Round Ripple. I didn't think this would ever get done but it only took about 7 hours to complete so really an easy project. This is for a sick child in Nebraska and I will be mailing it off on Tuesday. I blocked it today and it looks alot better blocked. I love the colors and for a child it is bright and cheerful.

Austin is really growing. He's up to 16 lbs now and 8 months old. He's starting to sit up to play but we are still overprotective so we are right there in case he falls over....and Cee-Cee's job...feed him until he falls asleep. There's something about me watching him that he seems to fall asleep when we have him and it's always over food. LOL I love those little thingy's what ever they are. I wish they had them when my kids were young. You put soft food (like fruit) inside of the netting and the baby can suck on the juices and not get anything they can choke on. Cool idea for who ever invented them.

Happy Knitting all!

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Lovs2Knit said...

Wow you've been busy.

I'm sure the families who receive you packages are touched....beautiful work!

I can't believe how big Austin is getting. :)