Tuesday, July 1, 2008

End of June projects - Still busy

This is a crocheted lined handbag for a "wish" list. Aurora loves dragonflies so I added an embroidered one on the inside pocket of the bag. Cute Idea, I think! LOL

Recently I joined H.A.I.N and started working on burial gowns and blankets for babies born to early and gone on to be Heavenly Angels. Here is 2 sets completed (mostly) for a boy angel and a girl angel. I'm not sure what hospital they are going to yet as they are still prototypes and I want to get the patterns down and details written before I send them off.

These squares are for a little girl on crochetville that is moving to a new state and city and is upset about it. Her mother wants to do a comfortghan for her to help with the transition. Since she "loves" Hello Kitty, I thought a knit square with embroidered would be a great idea! :)

Happy Knitting All!

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Aurora said...

I love that purse and still fight with my mom over it. LOL I let her use it sometimes.