Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yes there is knitting being done!

finished the socks for my sockittometwice swap. The pattern is called checkmate. A little hard to see in the self-striping yarn, but over all I'm please. Box should go out at the end of this week. I just have one more thing to finish and everything else is ready to go.

Did 2 new dishcloths in crochet. The pattern was one I down loaded, and I'm not sure where. Will have to find the url and then edit this post

Working on squares for the VJCC. This is a project on ravelry where we will knit/crochet during the nascar races and hopefully by October have a blanket done to send to the camp. They give every child a blanket to take home with them, so this is a good project to do when you are sitting around watching the race. I did 12 squares during the Daytona 500

Yes, he is still cutie. He's mad from his bath, and hungry, but he's wearing his new Tigger outfit.

I just love looking at him!


Lovs2Knit said...

Looks like the stripes on the socks match perfectly. :)

Wee one is a cute.

Anonymous said...

Good job! I'm sending your invite now. :) And "duh" to me... I didn't realize it was you either, until I looked at the address. Thought it looked familiar. :)