Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Loverly Swift and Ball Winder

Wahooo! I finally joined everyone else and broke down to buy a swift and ball winder. Normally I get my skeins wound when I buy at my LYS, but I do a lot of swaps, and I get skeins in that are not wound and I tried once....never again....to wind by hand. What a Mess!

This is the beginning with the skein on the swift and connected to the winder.

Half way through the skein and the "cake" is looking good!

Ahhhh....finished cake and no knots! I'm so excited!

Just to enable my sock yarn, like I need any more!. 8 skeins of wildfoote. I love love love this yarn for socks for hubby. I can do 60 sts on size 3 needles and get beautiful socks that wash great and wear great and take hardly any time. Just a regular 2x2 ribbing, short row heel, stockinette foot and in 2 weeks, a pair of socks! Hubby is happy and I'm very happy! :)

And of course, my little dream grandson! :) If he grows some, I can take some pictures of him wearing something I have knit. Right now, it is all too big on him!

Happy Knitting


Rima said...

I am jealous.

Gina said...

Oh my! Your little baby grandson is ADORABLE!!

Aren't the swift and winder awesome? Once I got mine (And I resisted for a while) I wondered how I ever lived without them! :-)

RedPanties said...

Awe, cute grandson!! I like the nice little cake that the ball winder produces.....hmmmm, if you get me in the BigBagKALswap, you could just wind all the yarn up!!