Thursday, January 3, 2008

Projects Galore

Vintage Sock Swap. Interesting. I'm almost done and should be done by Tomorrow night. This gives me time to wash, block and dry in order to mail on Monday. Going along great. Stripes match up until you get to the heel.....then.....

the heels don't match, but the stripes line up again. On this picture you can't really tell, but if you look at the first one, the stripes do match....except for the heel. I hope my partner doesn't mind too much, but if she does, I plan to add a note that says if they bother you, please send them back....they fit me like a glove and I love love love them!

Trying my hand on some small project bags. I have to say I love these also. There is a pocket on the front for small items and a roomie inside to hold a pair of socks or other small project. Not bad for my design! I do a lot of swaps, and I was spending a forture on small project bags. This way I can send more in the box but the bag is personally from me! Cool huh?

Did the first shawl a month a go and absolutely love it. Hubby got me this book for Christmas (how did he know? LOL) and started on the first of several shawls. This one is called Constances Shawl and is being made out of Filatura DiCrosa Luxury 100% silk. At $16.00 a skein for 145 meters its a little steep (ok, a lot steep!) it's going to be beautiful. The color is a beautiful red and exactly me! :)

These are the red/white/blue socks I feel like I have been knitting forever. This is the first time I have knitted a full stockinette sock and I am going to say it is also my last time. It has taken forever and it is only the first sock. I still have to make another one. I keep thinking I should frog it and start over and then I look at how much I have finished and think only a few more inches and I can start the 2nd one. Not sure yet, so It sits in my project bag.....resting!

I love the rib sock for the Vintage sock exchange so much, I started one for hubby. This is being done in Lowell Cotton and I love this yarn. It washes great, wears great, and best of all, hubby loves the incentive!

More on the way and counted my swaps I am in....8 and counting...Really need to knit more for home than for swaps! LOL Not going to happen.

Happy knitting all!


Liana said...

Cindy, looks like you've been very busy. You must have some good luck with swaps, I haven't joined one yet. Do you recommend a good one? I enjoy looking at all the goodies you've been working on.

Lovs2Knit said...

lol....I'll take all miss matched stripe socks! :~)

I'm so glad you are having much better luck with swaps. I've been reluctant to join anymore because most of the ones I was in have left me rather disappointed.