Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Latest Projects!

This is the Summer Shawlette project I am working on. After "frogging" 3 times between rows 7 and 9, I finally got the rhythm down! Whew! It took a bit let me tell you! I put in 2 lifelines, but now I have them out as I pretty much am on target. Unfortunately, I didn't estimate the yardage right, so I've had to order more yarn from here. I want to add a couple of inches to it as it says overall length is 15-1/2". 17 or 17-1/2 would be a little better I am thinking. So now I am at the point where I have to wait for the yarn to come in. I just ordered it today, so I'm going to start this:

This is an easy pullover from Berroco. I found the yarn here on clearance so it is a very big bargain. AND I get to use the new KnitPicks that my wonderful secret pal 11 sent me! Yes, I finally found out how I managed to get these in the mail. AND they are mine, ALL MINE!
Remember the square that my embroidery machine ate? Well, I knitted it over and guess what? I finished all the embroidery on all the squares (praying the entire time!) and they all came out great! So now I have to sew it together and work on the border. The border is going very slow as it is 4 strips, 4" wide by oh, maybe 30" long. That's a lot of boring knitting, but I still have plenty of time, the baby isn't due until March. Figure it will be easy knitting for the winter.
The newest baby sweater. I'm figuring this is 6 months size and it is done. I just have to sew in the sleeves and buttons (check them out!, little blue bears - they are so cute!) and then block it. Yes I do it backwards, but that is what I have always done! LOL

Anyways, thats a few projects and of course I am still doing socks as my on-the-go project. It takes care of the 14-15 stoplights on my way to work! A few of them are very long lights, good for a couple of rows!

Happy Knitting!


Lovs2Knit said...

Sounds like you've been busy. :)

Liana said...

What a wonderful Secret Pal to have sent you the Knitpicks Options. You have some beautiful items.