Saturday, November 24, 2007

Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

Summer Shawlette is completed. I made a couple of mistakes, but I think the lace is so busy no one will notice! Overall I am very pleased with how it came out. The only think I did different was add 4 lace rows to the bottom to open it up a little bit. The yarn was Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora.

Ravelry Dishcloth Exchange Group Dishcloths

These next 2 dishcloths were for the red, white, green exchange. The red/white one is my first ballband cloth. I'm still not sure how I like the pattern, but I hope my partner is pleased with the results.

This green one is a favorite pattern. I love how you can combine two cloths and get a pretty cloth. I just follow the regular grandmother's favorite, until 39 stitches, add the second color, continue increasing until 48 stiches, decrease to 39 stitches, go back to the original color and finish off.

These 2 are for the I'm dreaming of a white christmas. You had to do 2 dishcloths in white/blue with snowflakes or snowmen. I did the white cloth is a knitted-in snowflake and the blue one is a crocheted snow flake.

These 2 are for the Hark, the Harold Angels Sing. You could do either angels, musical notes or plain red/white. I decided on the plain red/white dishcloth. I still have to go find 2 dish towels to go with them as I like to send everything as a set.

Happy Knitting


CynicalKnitter said...

That shawlette is lovely. Nice work.

Marisol said...

nice dishcloth can you share pattern with me, also notice you were also part of the sock wars II, i got killed half way, i think my anxiety took the best of me when i was knitting those socks.

Marisol said...

A few things you forgot to mention in your questionaire;
Favorite drink: flavor tea, hot chocolate or coffee
Favorite candy if any
Any particular yarn you would really like to use
Favorite flower or scent
Your sock measurements
When is your due date
In reference to the dishcloth pattern i like the red and white on

Marisol said...

thanks for pattern, two more questions
1) What do you like about spring

2) If you were to describe a particular yarn that share your traits of your personality what would it be?

LeAnn said...

I love the shawlette -- beautiful color!

Gina said...

Everything looks wonderful. But I especially LOVE that shawlette! You did a fantastic job with it!