Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cocoa Swap - Spread the Word

Wahooo...another swap! Just love them. Here's one to beat the winter blues : Cocoa Swap. Now just imagine being the middle of winter, after chrismas and still quite a while before spring and you get a package made up of things that make you happy and some gourmet Hot Chocolate beside.

Follow the link, post on your blog, leave a comment saying I sent ya....Would appreciate it!

Required Elements:*

A blog of your own*Post weekly*
Secret/Anonymous email address*
Gourmet Hot Cocoa*
A yummy treat that your pal says is a mood booster*
Enough yarn for a project. Here's where the mood-booster comes into play: You need to send yarn in a colour that your pal says makes them happy, for a project they are really going to enjoy. Remember: we want to make them feel really good. If their idea of feel good is sock yarn in dizzying neon shades, then send that.
*Stitch markers designed to cheer.*
(and this is our favourite) A Winter Blah Buster Buddy. This could be a knit or crochet stuffed creature that you make to chase away your pals blahs. The sidebar has links to free and fairly cheap patterns if you need inspiration, and feel free to get really creative and design your own. The point is to make something that will definiately put a smile on your pal's face.


Marisol said...

Hi Cindy
Just wanted to ask you, is there a pattern sock from the list you have a strong liking too.

happy holidays

CynicalGal said...

hmm. that sounds like a fun swap...i will consider it.