Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 years? wow!

I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I last posted. I think facebook took over my life. Actually, farmville did. LOL Anyways, I'll post this week a few different posts just in case anyone is actually still following me. LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

And then there was another post!

Oh Boy, did it ever rain the other day!

I did knit a sweater for me last week. I still need to wash and block it, but it came out nice and it fits! The yarn was Berroco's Air which they don't make anymore. It's a very chunky style yarn and since I made another sweater out of it and washed that one in the washer, it felted! So now I know this is hand-wash only. Live and knit I say!

And ever heard of "knitting elbow"? Same thing as tennis elbow but caused by too much knitting. Yup, dang arm is hurting really bad, so I'm on a knitting break for a little bit. Don't know how much I will listen to the doctor and for how long, so right now I am sewing.....

Since I am learning to quilt, this is 2 tops that will be quilted and donated to the children's hospital here in Memphis. I belong to the local quilt quild and we do alot of quilts and donate them to different organizations. One of them is the children's hospital so when the child is admitted, he/she receives a quilt (at the nurses discretion) to use while in the hospital and then take home with them.

We got Austin a bike and helmet for Christmas and this was taken on the first nice day he could go out. Still doesn't understand the concept of "pedaling", but he's slowly getting there. We do alot more of teaching this in the house. Happy knitting all! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

Yes, I know it's been months and months. The time just flies by so I'm going to try better this year to going back to a couple of times a month blogging. This is not all I have done over the months, but it is a sampling at least.

Another vest for Austin in a different color. I love the pattern for this vest so he has a few of them.

Since I am learning quilting, this is called a rag quilt. It's really very easy to make BUT a friend of mine has the big square cutter, so at least I didn't have to do all of the cutting for it.

What would my week be like if I didn't finish a pair of sock. The yarn is Regia Silk, which I have never used before, so I'm going to see how they stand up to use. It is very soft and "silky".

Yes, I did finish another sweater for hubby. This one actually fits him pretty good. The sleeves are a little long, but since I was knitting it as a surprise, I didn't get to size them up very well, so he just rolls the cuff back once. Doesn't look too bad on him.

Isn't Austin getting big? He's such a cutie. This is at the play area at the Boston Airport. He had alot of fun playing on the planes, and slides, and a really cool castle. I have to say traveling with him on vacation was nice. He handled all the flight, all the relatives AND all the car rides very well. You couldn't have asked for a better kid!
Take care and Happy Knitting! Here's hoping your new year is wonderful and kind to you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shawls and daughters

Just a simple lace shawl. I picked the pattern up at Michael's as a "freebie". It is called the friendship shawl. Ummm....daughter didn't like it.

This is "folage" hat. It is a very simple knit and I did it up to match the shawl that my daughter doesn't like. I really need to quit trying to knit things for this girl. LOL Okay, maybe I should quit trying to make things as a surprise and then get disappointed when it isn't "her" style.

This shawl is a replacement one for the one she didn't like. It is by evelyn Clark and it is the bison lace shawl. It went pretty well and blocked out very nicely. I'm going to try to get a picture of her wearing it, but if it went to her work today (her office is cold), I probably won't see it for awhile. Guess I should have made sure the picture I took was okay before I released the shawl.
Live and Learn.
Happy Knitting ALL!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Goes By - Part III - All Caught Up!

This posting should pretty much bring me up to date. Of course, I really don't post pictures of work in process so I do have a few of them. Hopefully this month I will finish everything. At least that is my goal.
Truck Race - Memphis. Hubby did pretty good putting up everything. Of course, it was over 100 degrees so honestly we only spent maybe an hour and a half total in the tent. Otherwise, we were in the camper unless we were at the track.

For a friend who really like Harry Potter. With the new film coming out soon, I did the rendition of Hermoine's Hat in Half Blood prince and a couple of wash cloths. One cloth is called the golden snitch and the other is the Flying Keys
Finished this doily yesterday. I was a little disappointed in the finished size. My crocheting gauge must be off. The cloth only came out about 7-1/2" and it should have been 9-1/2". So going to use it as a large coaster for hubby right now. He likes it alot!
Finished an angel amigurumi and an angel ornament for a swap on yahoo. The swap is Christmas in July. I really need to order the actual amigurumi eyes with the safety backings. This time, I used 1/4" half-shank buttons in black to do the eyes. It came out okay, but it was hard to get the eyes to stay flat, so I still ended up glueing them down.

Austing getting ready to help water the plants. Ummmm...I think he ends up MORE wet than the flowers! Happy Knitting All!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time Goes By - Part II

South Dakota Trip - Okay I have over 300 pictures and that is too many to load. South Dakota ROCKED! Mount Rushmore is gorgeous and the work involved in sculpting this is massive.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is really very nice. There is still alot more to do, as it will show him on a horse. It started to rain not long after we got there so we had to do this memorial pretty fast. It is an impressive site

This place was unbelieveable. The woodcarving went from caricatures, to statues, to wild animals to moving parts and puppets!

Where the deer and the buffalo roam! Wow, these animals are huge and they just walk around on the state park. It was a little scary when you think how close you are to them!

Another amigurumi got done. I love this one.

Did manage to finish a pair of socks on the trip for hubby. Of course the yarn is STILL Brown sheep wildfoote, which is the only sock yarn he really likes!

Worked on a comfortghan for a friend in Nebraska. Everyone sent me squares for her and I put the border on them, then sewed and put the border on the whole think. There were 25 squares so it's a little over 5 foot square. Hubby laid the squares out for me - color wise. He's so good at that.

And where would my week/month be if I didn't make more dishcloths and potholders!

Austin sitting on the step to the treadmill. This is in hubby's office so he is supervised when he is in there for sure. He likes playing with the tigger slippers.
Happy knitting All!

Time Goes By!

Trying to go through pictures a month or two or more after you've done something is hard. These pictures were in my May folder so I do know I did them then. There were more pictures of baby gowns, wraps, memory boxes etc., but figured I would just show so of the more personal ones or RAOK items I did during the month.

Just some ordinary dishcloths and potholders, but they are easy to do and come in very handy.

This is going to be a sibling support bag. Basically, it is a bag that you give a child who's had a trauma of some kind and it will include a small blanket and the game of tic-tac-toe. It will either go to one of the community services (fire/police) or to a hospital. Not sure yet as I am also working on 5 more of them, so it will be a nice donation.

Some more jumpers for Austin. These are fun to make and only take about an hour or so once you have all the pieces washed and cut out. In the picture on the left, the light color one was a bought one that my daughter really likes so I had to try to do a rendition of it for her. Don't you just love your kids requests!

Don't ask me, I've started working on the little Amigurumi critters and this is a bee. The pattern was free off the red heart site, but I made him out of cotton classic. Like the feel of that yarn better.

Donations to a crisis center in Missouri. These all worked up pretty fast, so I may try to do some more of them.

A hat and scarf for a woman that worked with my hubby. She's being transferred to New Jersey/New York, so I knit up the entrelac scarf and hat out of Plymouth encore. Since she's only 22, I figured it better be machine wash/dry for easy care!

Austin Helping Poppy work on the lawn mower. Doesn't he look/act like he knows what he's doing? Not bad for a 16-month old! :) Happy Knitting All!